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  • About us

    About us

    Monster Detailing is the first company in Latin America to provide workshops for professional automotive detailing. We start operating in 2006 as sole representatives of Mothers brand in South America. We currently have operations in all Spanish speaking countries and our Monster Detailing School provides workshops in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Chile and now in Miami F.


    Monster Detailing has developed a theoretical and practical training which provides the skills and tools required for every step of reconditioning any vehicle, boat or plane. We are currently 3.500 trained experts in Latin America and we can assure you will receive the best training from professionals and will get all our expertise to succeed in your business
  • Training Program

    Training Program

    Our training program is created and assisted by teachers, chemists, manufacturers and engineers who had shared their expertise on lectures, advanced training and practices over 10 consecutive years