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  • Monster Detailing

    Monster Detailing

    Our Monster Detailing Workshop is the point of departing for those who would like to begin or have previous experience in car detailing. You will learn everything you need to start with a new business and can develop and manage your own company.
  • IDA Certification

    IDA Certification

    By means of Monster Detailing School you can accomplish the PHASE I program which certifies, evaluates and reinforces your skills and experience. The program and evaluation lasts for one day and consists of a practical and a theoretical block, to finish with 10 written exams, which provides the IDA Certified Detailer (CD) diploma. The certification will be issued directly by the International Detailing Asociation of the United States.
  • Film Protection Workshop

    Film Protection Workshop

    Quality of installation is the key to success. Providing your clients with Monster Detailing Products quality installation is extremely important for your success in the industry of paint protection. For this reason, we offer an excellent and complete 4 days workshop. Our program includes operation of our DAP software to the latest installation techniques, more innovative, for paint film and optical protection.
  • Window Tint Workshop

    Window Tint Workshop

    Our window tint workshop is a very good way to add a valuable service to your business. Window tint and lamination has a greatdemand and is a simple and profitable business. Nowadays there is a wide variety of laminas and specific features for each situation
  • Tire Repair Workshop

    Tire Repair Workshop

    Professional wheel repair is one of the most popular and profitable detailing services today. Monster Detailing as an integral provider of products for wheel repair, provides a workshop where you will learn all the skills required plus the technical support to meet your client's requirements
  • ​Dents ​Removal Workshop

    ​Dents ​Removal Workshop

    (PDR), ​Also known as "​Paintless Dent Removal", ​is a method to remove minor dents from the car body. A wide variety of damage can be repaird using PDR every time the paint surface ​is intact. PDR can be used in both aluminium and steel panels.