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  • Rim and Tire Cleaning

    It is one of the most polluted areas in your car.
    Removing the dirt, mud and dust Ferodo (brake pads) of their tires and rims can cause scratches and damage if not used proper techniques so we make sure to use products like Wheel and Tire Cleaner Mothers which to apply reacts with pollutants to create a foam which breaks into dirt and metal completely removing all dirt.

    asks our sealing tires with our ceramic coating (see paint coating).
    Rim and Tire Cleaning
  • Hand washing and drying

    Adequate washing is the basis of any process of detailed and perhaps the process that can do more damage to the aesthetics of your car, if not done correctly.
    Our system of two buckets with our products Mothers ; Genuine Lambswood Mitt Wash and Shampoo Wash & Wax can ensure a perfect finish without damage or scratches to the paint leaving an outstanding brightness.
    To dry the vehicle use the air force which subsequently prevents staining by water droplets .
    Hand washing and drying
  • Paint decontamination Barra Clay

    All the impurities in the air as pollution, acid rain, insects, bird droppings, tree sap and etc. Stick with depth to the painting of our car, these particles are harmful in the long term, not only aesthetically but may even cause rust spots. to eliminate this pollution by applying clay bars as Mothers Clay Bar.

    The elimination of any kind of contamination is essential to maintain the free paint stripes and Liza as glass.
    Paint decontamination Barra Clay
  • Wax Cleanser

    Wax is a micro abrasive, which clean, polish and protect paint. This wax using it with orbital broken machines, he returned to his car that intense brightness, correcting minor imperfections and especially leaving the soft, protected surface.
    the work is the use of said wax, prior washing and painting decontaminated. the same applies with machine DA.
    Wax Cleanser
  • Painting correction

    Using the system polishes Mothers professional conduct in 3 steps a perfect treatment in painting where you first use the rubing Compound to remove streaks and scratches in the paint, followed by a second step with where Mothers Machine Glaze remove holograms brands existing in the paint and finished with a third step to remove micro scratches and give a depth equal to the painting without the Mothers Foam Pad.

    Elimination of scratches and holograms Polishing and sealing paint
    Painting correction
  • Wax

    We use both synthetic waxes such as carnauba wax known which left a wet gloss appearance or gloss paint with intensity depending on your choice.
  • Premium Protection Wax

    Among the waxes used in Monster Detailing we have a two-step system which is a combination of polymers which provide high protection and gloss few times delivered by a wax as wax and Top Car Reflection Cod Mothers
    Premium Protection Wax
  • Restore and protect black trim

    We perform the procedure in the black outer trim which consists of a two-step treatment which consists first clean and removes all particles sunburned and the environment to subsequently apply an innovator and protector to maintain and protect for more molding time thereby preventing turn white over time.
    Restore and protect black trim
  • Stickers and metal polish

    Within our services you can return to your tires and chrome accessories that glow unmatched by Cundo first time out of the dealership.
    We have tools like the Power Cone Mothers one of the most functional tools which allows us to reach all corners for perfect polishing materials and when combined with the Mag & Aluminum Polish Mothers Chrome or get professional results.
    Stickers and metal polish