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  • Washing with water injection and extraction

    We have machines that work under the system of injection and extraction of water for when there are fabric tapestries and carpets which are affected by spills of liquids or have very soiled areas of this forms a deeper and thorough washing is done.
    Washing with water injection and extraction
  • Hydrophobic protection for carpets and tapestries

    Formulated we have a product based on nano technology which is applicable in fabrics for sealing the fibers at the molecular level and thus achieving high overall repellency by solids and liquids.
    Hydrophobic protection for carpets and tapestries
  • Polishing glasses

    In this process we use discs abrasive cloth which applied with cerium oxide can remove stains caused by time and micro scratches on the glass giving back clarity as newly purchased.
    Polishing glasses
  • Engine Clean

    The engine is the heart of our vehicle, so to keep it clean and equipped with parts, it will retain its original appearance and premature wear on hoses, cables, avoid plastics, etc. plus parts of a detailed engine correctly says a lot about ourselves when it comes to a possible sale or just to bring the car to the shop.
    To use this service the Mothers Degreaser Water Base water-based and Silicone free dresing which prolongs the plastic parts and is free of silicones !!
    Engine Clean
  • Nano decontamination Painting

    To decontaminate the paint of your vehicle perfectly you found the process to make nanotechnology a pad which adheres to broken orbital machines deeply decontaminate the Catalans manage to paint leaving close to perfection.
    Nano decontamination Painting

    Nano Ceramic Coating Is the most advanced technology and anti Hydrofobica spots for painting and glazing This formula and advanced treatment not only leaves a great shine and reflection but also permanent protection in the paint and minimal maintenance to maintain maximum brightness.
    Para este tratamiento la pintura deberá estar completamente corregida y tratada para que los resultados sean los óptimos. Al ser aplicado y durante las próximas 24 a 48 horas las moléculas comienzan a entrelazarse logrando entre si una resistencia nuca obtenida antes por un producto.

    Depending on the hardness of Paint Coating may extend its durability and guarantee of 1 to 5 years offering to maintain the value and beauty of your investment for a long time.
  • Optical Restoration

    Over time sun, temperature changes and the harshness of the road may turn dull yellow and the optical vehicle for which we offer service where we apply the 3-Step System Headlight Renewal Nulens to clean, restore transparency and its optical clarity.
    Optical Restoration
  • Eliminating odors and bacteria from the A / C

    We have one of the best if not the best cleaning system and air furificacion which also nebiluza and performing all the functions flavored water called Rainbow. This system uses water as a filter realiznado endless functions and to put a bactericidal disinfectant or water can use it to purify and disinfect air conditioners in vehicles thus leaving all free of germs, fungi and bacteria products.
    Eliminating odors and bacteria from the A / C
  • Protection for New Cars

    We have specialized in protecting and prolonging the outer and inner parts of the vehicle to protect it from the sun, UV rays and deterioration by frequent use treatment.
    It is very important to be able to projeger your investment over time is not desvalorise quickly.
    Painting waxed, treated black parts, fabrics and leathers will be the main motors to protect their new acquisition.
    Protection for New Cars