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  • Franchise Opportunity

    Franchise Opportunity

    ​After a decade in the automotive area, providing services, workshops and quality products to our distributors and clients through all the American continent, we had developed a business model that provides entrepreneurs a competitive advantge over their competitors. Just consider that over USD 31 million are invested in the automotive industry. Our franchise allows you to create a profitable and sustainable business in any place in the world.
  • Our Vision

    Our Vision

    Monster Detailing will build the biggest network of expert detailing services as well as the best training academy for automotive aesthetics within the market.
  • Company Mission

    Company Mission

    Monster Detailing will revolutionize the automotive aesthetics industry as wll as the Detailing Center concept, providing our clients services and products of excellent quality for their automoviles care.
  • Marketing and Promotion

    Marketing and Promotion

    Monster Detailing marketing makes us lead among the automotive franchises. Together with market assessments, the key to franchise success is market our services and promote our brand by means of videos, social networks and TV. As a Monster Detailing franchised, you will have support and experience to promote your company.
  • Training and Support

    Training and Support

    Monster Detailing constant training programs will provide you with propper knowledge and tools to face the competitive automotive market, providing comercial and ethical basic concepts that are required to become a loyal Monster Detailing representatie, to finally succeed with your license.
  • Clear Process

    Clear Process

    To become a licensed Monster Detailing representative, you shall approve the following steps: complete a general information format, personal or telephone interview (depending on your country of origin), financial accreditation required by the US government to apply for a work license (after a meeting with our immigration attorneys). If you prefer we can also provide you with relocation services (real estate, school for your children, and purchase of commercial vehicles)
  • US Visa

    US Visa

    Our staff of attorneys will give you all necessary support for you to build your company here in the United States, as well as to obtain a work visa for you and your family
  • Wy Choose us

    Wy Choose us

    - Constant growing industry - USD 31 million per year industry - High margin and profits benefits - Constant factory training - Certified by the International Detailing Association - Low cost of investment - Fast investment recovery - Possibility to apply for a work visa in the United States.